Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day !

We had a busy day yesterday. 1st Grayson had preschool and then we took him to the Mommy group party. He had so much fun . Then we took valentines gifts we had made by his Nana and Papa Byerly's to bad Grayson was asleep and they didn't get to love on him. After that we took Grayson to my Parents. Yesterday was also my Dads birthday so Grayson had made my Dad a cute card and some other things as well as his Mimi. My Parents watched Grayson for about an hour while Andy and I went and had a late lunch at Longhorn. It was so yummy since I had the stomach bug last week nothing has really tasted good .So I was glad I liked it. After we ate we went back and got Grayson my Parents had plans to go out. We went to Sams club so I could print some pics it took FOREVER ! Which Grayson didn't mind because he loves all there samples LOL. When we got done we went by to see his Auntie Q and exchange Valentines . Boy did he rack up she got him a super cute outfit for summer and some huge lollipops. He ate one on the way home he had it everywhere which was OK because it kept him quite on the way home LOL. Over all we had a great day together as a family !

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