Friday, February 24, 2012

Our week in review !

*Most of you know Grayson has been a very sick boy this week ! Pneumonia and ear infections. So Monday we went to see our Favorite PA . Most of the week Grayson hasn't ate well and just kinda been blah... Today he is feeling much better (hes destroying the house as we speak). But anyway I'm so glad he is feel better he has us scared !

* Yesterday I had what I like to call a Mommy's day out ! I went and got my hair done, Did alittle shopping (couponing mostly),Then I went and ate dinner with Leslie and Robyn. It was nice to be out of the house since Grayson was stuck home all week and Andy works pretty much the next 7 days straight so He knew I needed a ME day !

* Tonight our church Christ Church is having a huge night of worship I'm so excited , My Mom is going to watch Grayson so I can go since I don't want to put Grayson in boxcar babies with him still not feeling 100 %.

* What up with this great weather we have had the last few days ? I LOVE IT

* I recently started building my make up collection again. Ive always loved make up and all the colors but after having Grayson and my skin was so crazy,So the last few weeks ive been finding great deals on new things as well as replacing some of my brushes and such. I found a great lady on youtube msgoldgirl i think is her name on there she has some great videos on everything beauty related !

But anyway thats my week review randoms whatever you want to call it. I hope everyone has a great weekend !

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