Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sickly little guy

Most of you have probably seen my face book updates the last few days .. Grayson has been very very sick. Fevers of 105,106 for 3 days. Friday he seemed OK we went to lunch came back to my Moms and I laid him down for a nap while I ran to Newton to a yard sale. When I came back he was up and wasn't acting himself and when i picked him up he was burning up . So i took his temp and It was 104.5 so my Mom gave him some Tylenol and we took off to urgent care. They did a strep test and it came back positive. So they gave us some antibiotics and we came home. Around 10 pm that night i took his temp and it was 106.6 i was terrified I gave him Tylenol and it brought it down to 104 and he was miserable so we gave him a Luke warm bath and that was just awful he started having chills and screaming so we took him out and dyed him off and took his temp and it was back up again so early on sat morning I took him to the ER b.c his fever was still very high. They got it down to 102 and sent us home. Still all that day it kept shooting up . So Yesterday I took him to our family DR. And the DX with a staph infection and changed his antibiotic. Today he seems to be feeling alittle better. He has ate alittle bit for the. The past few days he would not eat or drink a thing. So Im very thankful that DR Goodman found the cause of his fevers and sickness and we hope and pray we are on the road to recovery . Thank you for all the calls,text,FB mess. they mean so much to us !! I'm blessed with great friends !

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Reason I breathe !

My little Grayson ! Nothing make me happier than him hes my whole world and the reason I breathe !! I still cant believe he is 1 last year went by so fast ! I love seeing him learn new things! He is soooo smart he already says about 5 or 6 words daily he loves to "color" aka draw lines everywhere as well as eat the crayons !! LOL He can show you his nose,eyes and mouth ! We are still working on the baby signs he only does eat and more I guess that's because eating is one of his favorite things to do LOL ! I'm thinking about putting Grayson in MMO again praying we find a great church program to put him into ! Anyway just though I would brag on my little guy a bit !!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just randomness !

1.I love my guys!

2. Some people blow things wayyyy over board !

3.Some people are who you thought they where