Thursday, June 2, 2011

sooooo Normaly

This blog is about my family things we have going on,trips,party's, milestones etc. But tonight its just about me... Someone who has forgot who she is and just whats going on etc.
The last few weeks I've just been plain out BLAHHHHHHH,very unhappy with myself and ready for a change..
Right now my anxiety has been getting the best of me and I'm VERY unhappy with my weight at this current time ! I weigh the most I HAVE EVER HAVE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE !!! and it sucks. Ive decided I'm joining the gym hell or high water I don't care what I have to give up to be able to afford it I'm doing it ! Not only for myself my for my son ! I want to be able to chase him all over the place and take him on hikes and just be able to do anything he wants to do !!! So I'm asking each of you to please lift me up in prayer ,I know its going to be allot of work but dang it I'm loosing this 80 lbs of me I HATE !!!
And I would love to have a workout partner and some to walk with of the mornings so if anyone is interested let me know !

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